• Angelou X Innomine X Curly Music – I Will Never (Matto Remix)

    Proudly produced and edited the footage for some fine music from the Lithuanian electronic scene!

  • Petras Vileišis Bridge

    Petras Vileišis Bridge

    While shooting the videos, I use the occasion to take some still shots. This is the bridge that connects the old town of Kaunas with the western Vilijampole part of town, across the river Neris. It’s been a daily part of my life since my childhood. Recently renovated, it blends […]

  • Tomas Jurevicius

    Here comes the first release of the Outright Speed series. Featuring young Lithuanian racing talent Tomas Jurevicius and his impressions from the Baltic Open meeting in Audru Ring, Estonia.

  • Day In Vilnius (Trailer)

    We’ve been busy here in Vilnius, Lithuania, shooting our first location video. Here’s a trailer of what to expect in near future!

  • The Ninth Fort of Kaunas

    The Ninth Fort of Kaunas

    As part of our upcoming shortfilm about Kaunas, Lithuania, we took a few aerial pictures of this historically important location.

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